About Us



What We Do

Firebird Hydrographics was founded by Nick Temporado in July, 2012. From our humble beginnings in a two car garage, we are now one of the leading innovators in the water transfer printing  industry.

We offer a wide range of hydro dip services including: custom automotive, motorcycle, truck, off road vehicles, UTV, sports gear, firearms, archery, hunting accessories, home décor, industrial, research and development (R&D) and manufacturing.

Our motto is, “We can do that!” The skilled and highly trained decorators at Firebird Hydrographics will work with you to create the custom imagery and personal flair you’re looking for!

Our service shop utilizes the finest equipment, supplies, and techniques -- many of which are our own design.  Our hydrographics artists always stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the business, while setting a few ourselves.


What is Hydro dipping?

Water transfer printing, or hydro dipping, is a process of applying printed graphics to three dimensional objects. The hydro dip films we carry at Firebird Hydrographics can provide an incredible variety of tone and effect that can be applied to almost any three dimensional object with a painted surface. Styling options of the paint and film ranges from solid colors, to brushed aluminum, as well as carbon fiber, wood grain, and even fully custom designer prints. This distinctive, head-turning styling option offers flexibility in creating decorative coatings that look great, resist wear, and are easy to maintain!

Created for those who expect only the best in the growing decorative coating industry, Firebird Hydrographics offers a range of films that reflects our continuing commitment to quality, professionalism, and innovation. The high elongation properties of the film and the dimensional stability in all directions off excellent and consistent results, every time.

Whether you’re looking for professional services for your next big project, are more of a do it yourself-er, or are looking for supplies to start your own business, Firebird Hydrographics can help you. Contact us by email or phone today to get started!